Super Moist Marijuana Cake

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I am a legal medical marijuana
User! My Husband is my legal
designated grower!
These videos are meant
to educate and celebrate.
Not to encourage illegal activities
we do not advocate the use of recreational
marijuana in people under the age
of 18!

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9 thoughts on “Super Moist Marijuana Cake

  1. for your leaf flower, are you using sugar leaves or just lower fan leaves? If fan leaves, what non psycho active benefits have you observed? Thanks and LOVE the videos! thank you for sharing your passion in a way we can all follow!

    1. My apologies, sugar leaf is slang for trim near the flower that appear “sugar coated”. What benefits have you experienced from using the fan leaves? (I’ve just been composting mine but may have to start using them if there’s benefits to be had)

    2. Joe Williams I’m not which I’m not sure what sugar leaves are but this is not trim this is just all the leaves left on the branches after we’ve cut the buds off I’ve been juice them with a masticating juicer or a grinding juicer and dehydrated the pulp not the juice the pulp the trim I use for my twice-cooked butter

  2. Merry Christmas Bev!! Why do you use the ground leaf instead of making & using Cannabis butter?? ♥♥♥♥♥

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