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Today we’re reviewing Kandy Kush from Reserva Privada.This plant was grown in Coco using Advanced Nutrients.
This particular pheno was covered in trichomes and had amazing terpenes but doesn’t seem to yield quite as much as other Kandy Kush pheno’s we’ve seen. But if you can lock this one down, KEEP IT.

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11 thoughts on “Reserva Privada Kandy Kush Review – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

    1. +The Fin Awesome dude, I think you’ll really enjoy it. There seems to be a
      few different phenotypes but all of them smoke great. But there’s one that
      I had experience with that was damn near perfect. Quick veg, hearty cola
      production, and a very dank finished product. Good luck!
      – Rob

    2. +The Fin just to confirm, the potency is high and this particular plant was
      from a Feminized seed. – Rob

    3. +The Fin Yeah I must’ve had a stoner moment when editing, I see what you
      mean. Smoking Kandy Kush while editing a review on Kandy Kush can be a task
      in itself ?

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