New Infused Eats recipe video: Beef Steak Pinwheels with Spinach Parmesan Cannabis Stuffing

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Cannabis infused beef steak pinwheels is a delicious savory dish that allows us to use the full cannabis plant material infused into olive oil. It is made into a spinach/cheese filling and wrapped in thin sliced beef steak blending the flavors and textures to mask the marijuana and it’s taste almost completely.

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11 thoughts on “New Infused Eats recipe video: Beef Steak Pinwheels with Spinach Parmesan Cannabis Stuffing

  1. ok i hope you guys read this im not sure if you read the shit ppl post on
    here but this is badass you are always finding new ways to vape wax or oils
    well try this go to your local vape shop grab a small bottle of max pg
    thats %100 pg vg does not work you cant try to 50 50 it or it wont work
    right anyway grab a gram or so of wax and add about 3ml of pg to a shot
    glass along with your product place shot glass in a pot with water just
    over the level of the contents of the shot glass slowly heat on low and
    stir until completely mixed into the e liquid remove from heat draw into a
    syringe to make things easy and add to your vape tank or rda… your

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