Mighty Fast Peppermint Crackle (Vegan Cannabis Infused Chocolate) Infused Eats #56

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With zinging peppermint sweetness and crunch these cannabis infused chocolate peppermint crackle candies are a perfect recipe for Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser Coconut Oil. Save money with the code RUFFHOUSE at:

Full recipe:

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Music Attribution:
“Nouvelle Noel” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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7 thoughts on “Mighty Fast Peppermint Crackle (Vegan Cannabis Infused Chocolate) Infused Eats #56

  1. Why is Vegan necessary in the title? How many meat based cannabis infusion recipes do you know? – LOL – How about some cannabis infused Bacon, Fried Chicken or Grilled/Bbq Steak?

  2. Thank you for doing something Vegan <3 I have so many stomach/dietary issues it's hard to find recipes to make good infused food/treats without dairy! Sucks having a super limited range of what I can/cannot eat anymore, but cannabis certainly helps me get through <3

  3. Question about the rosin chips ? After u pressed all the thc from them u think u can extract more thc or have the same potency extracted from using the used rosin chips ? .

  4. I want to use reclaim. How much do you recommend i should use? It’s for a party and i want people to feel medicated without passing out.

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