Medical & Recreational Cannabis Cookbook App 2018 – Weed Recipes!

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DOWNLOAD NOW ON GOOGLE PLAY! Our 2018 premium professional version of our Medical and Recreational Cannabis Cookbook App is now available for download on Google Play. Be sure to download this must-have app if you are a medical cannabis patient or just love to cook interesting and healthy meals, treats, candies and more! All the cannabis recipes you can imagine are in the app, and more being uploaded all the time to keep the recipes fresh and updated with content and recipes from all cultures around the globe. () is proud to bring everyone a fast, clean, professional interface thats easy to understand and use from the first time its installed. The professional version has no Advertisements at all, no Interstitial Ads or Videos and No Interruptions or Annoying Banners. When you download the professional release, it is the same as our “Premium Upgrade” from the free version – so upgrading to “Premium” within the Free App, is the same as this Pro version without nags, ads or banners. Premium & Pro is the same, the free version contains banners, ads to support our further development.

Features you will love in our Professional Release:

• New recipes all the time! Submit yours too in-App!
• Categorized cannabis recipes, easy to find, with Search
• Like, and Favorite recipes to your Favorites
• Easily add ingredients to your “Shopping List”
• Share recipes on Social Media, Text, Email, etc
• Easy to Follow proven directions, photos, videos
• Easy navigation, very clean and fast layout
• Learn to make Cannabutter & Cannaoil easy
• Nutritional Information often available
• Traditional & latest trends in cannabis recipes
• Always updated, more added all the time..

There are also neatly organized CATEGORIES to find recipes fast (or use the fast ‘Search Bar’). Here is a sample of our Categories available in the Professional release:

– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Beverages
– Appetizers
– Soups
– Salads
– Main Dishes: Beef
– Main Dishes: Poultry
– Main Dishes: Pork
– Main Dishes: Seafood
– Main Dishes: Vegetarian
– Side Dishes: Vegetables
– Side Dishes: Other
– Desserts
– Breads
– Holidays
– Cookies
– Candies
– Treats
– Butters, Oils

A little about us..

Our development team consists of licensed medical marihuana patients & licensed medical marijuana growers with years of cannabis expertise, lab experience and knowledge. They are ready to share their knowledge with the world… are you ready?

Check out our upcoming apps too!

We’re continually working to create the finest professional cannabis connoisseur Cookbook and therefore we want to hear from you, what you think & what you’d like to see in our future releases of our Weed Cookbook. We are always looking for new ideas and what to do next, we would love to hear from our users! Use the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website to get in touch, one of our team members will get straight back to you.

Thanks for your continued support,

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Cannabis Legendz CookBook

Your plant.. Your kitchen.. Your cannabis cookbook.

[Disclaimer]- This Recipe App does not promote the unlawful consumption of marijuana; Medical Marijuana (or Recreational) shall only be taken after consulting a doctor or medical expert and only for medicinal values, or where permitted recreationally by country. It should not be consumed if government does not allow in your country or area. CANNABIS LEGALIZATION is happening worldwide, so be patient if its not near you yet 🙂

Visit to view our latest private research, get more info on our other Cannabis releated Android Apps, some latest Cannabis News and other interesting Cannabis information for the Cannabis Curious 🙂 See you there..

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