Making Cannabutter (Clarified Butter Method) – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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In this episode, Trey will be making Cannabutter using another method of extraction. This time around, we’ll be using less Cannabis and clarifying our butter. If you have any suggestions for use, we’d love to hear them.

Any questions or comments are always welcome (positive preferably)

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16 thoughts on “Making Cannabutter (Clarified Butter Method) – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. What are your thoughts on making butter with leaves and stems… I am going
    to have a lot of it this season and like to put it to good use!

    1. +Cannabis Lifestyle TV Yeah I will check it out, ofc it is low potency but
      when you have enough it will not matter.
      Lots of material and just a little bit of butter… will be pretty strong.

    2. +YellowBlue RC for sure dude, there’s a good chance the product will be
      lower in potency but what else are ya gonna do with the extras? May as well
      give it a shot, we’d love to know how it goes for you

    3. +Cannabis Lifestyle TV I know, but I also know it is possible.
      And as I have 10 plants I have lots of plant material…
      I recon I can do something with that.

    4. +YellowBlue RC honestly, the potency is likely to be low. If you have
      product that is full of trichomes then that’s gonna be much better

  2. I enjoy your video today thank you this will make it much easier for me to
    make the butter. keep it up with the video.

  3. Gave you that first like, brother. You think that water dilutes it? I used
    water, didn’t decarb the bud and let it cook for 3 hours. The bud was okay
    but it wasn’t that great. I used 5 grams to one stick of butter too… Felt
    kind of like a waste. What are your thoughts?

    1. +Kbarnes83 thanks for the like dude! Follow this method and don’t use
      water, you’ll get great results

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