Liquid Marijuana Shooter Recipe | Liquid Marijuana Shot

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Puff puff give motherf*er! That’s likely what you’ll be saying once you try this liquid marijuana shot (well maybe minus the “puff puff” part cuz it wouldn’t make any sense then).

Anyway, the liquid marijuana shot doesn’t actually have any marijuana in it – it’s just named that based on its color.

The liquid marijuana shooter recipe is pretty simple with only 3 ingredients:
Slightly less than 1/2oz of each – melon liqueur and banana liqueur and a dash of milk. Add the ingredients to your shaker tin with some ice. Shake until chilled and strain into your shot glasses.

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3 thoughts on “Liquid Marijuana Shooter Recipe | Liquid Marijuana Shot

  1. Dude i love your show but don’t be lazy.. Fill that mother with ice and
    shake that biatch. Don’t look amateur.

    1. I usually don’t shake for just a single shot but you’re right, the shot
      glasses I’m using are just under 2oz so with 4oz of liquid I should be
      shaking that “biatch” like a pro 😉

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