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7 thoughts on “Liquid Marijuana Cocktail – Tipsy Bartender

  1. Oh shit I didn’t realize today’s 420 no wonder my bro was so pissed when he recorded at 4:21 I thought it was the everyday 420 thing but he was rushing me to go to visit our cousin in the cemetery and I’m not one to rush without a reason he just yelled hurry hurry get in the truck. I’ll make it up next year with this drink.

  2. Could’ve boiled some weed leaves in some water added sugar and made a weed simple syrup to go in the drink 💁🏾‍♂️

  3. I just clicked on this because i knew you weren’t gon a use that weed vodka or whatever.
    What if you invited friends over for 4/20 and just had these and nothing else

  4. Been a big fan. I’m going on a cruise soon. I’d like a drink that can be made with Ameretta on board. Something tasty. Any suggestions?

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