How to roll a Blunt pt. 3: Rolling a Good Times cigarillo – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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Trey shows us how to roll a blunt using a Good Times Cigarillo in this episode of Cannabis Lifestyle TV!

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16 thoughts on “How to roll a Blunt pt. 3: Rolling a Good Times cigarillo – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. I’m surprised you even bothered with a good times video. how to roll a good
    times 1.) watch the Swisher video. 2.) do that but with a crappy card board
    cigar instead of a tasty swisher.

    1. +Josh Hoffler weirdly enough, Swisher makes them. They’re alot like
      Goodtimes. We did a Backwoods tutorial on our Instagram page, but we’ve had
      enough requests for a higher quality video that we may just have to make
      one for YouTube

    2. +Josh Hoffler lol I feel ya, but we mainly did it because we had a lot of
      requests for it. We also had people asking to roll Pom Poms, which as you
      seem to know, is just another brand. Similar technique

  2. Which do you prefer for beginners?! Because I usually smoke out of bongs,
    and plus blunts are the easiest thing to smoke when your just out chillin
    with some people!

    1. +Prismatic Waves good times are thick but easy to roll. I personally don’t
      prefer Swisher’s which allot of people would say is a good beginner blunt.
      Thanks for watching!

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