How To Make Marijuana Gummies (With VG Cannabis Tincture): Cannabasics #30

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How To Make Marijuana Gummies using Vegetable Glycerin Cannabis Tincture on Cannabasics #30
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Unflavored Gelatin:
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Ingredients Healthier Version:
2 Tablespoons Cannabis Tincture
1 Cup Fruit Juice/ Kombucha, etc. (Divided)
2 Tablespoon Unflavored Gelatin

Ingredients Easy Version:
2 Tablespoons Tincture
1 Cup Water (Divided)
1 (3.75 oz) Pack Flavored Jello
2 (.25 oz) packs Unflavored Gelatin

Mix gelatin and ¼ cup juice set aside
Add remaining juice to saucepan on medium heat. Just before it boils add tincture and mix.
Add gelatin/ juice mixture and mix well.
Pour into greased molds and let cool in refrigerator.

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Marijuana Gummies (With VG Cannabis Tincture): Cannabasics #30

  1. I need to know if using the 2 tablespoons of Tincture in this size batch will give you a decent high or does the amount need to be increased. I would like to be able to take one gummy and get a nice high for a while instead of eating a whole jello bowl full! I will be trying this out real soon. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Hey, Matt! I’ve got a technical question for you regarding these gummies. This was my first attempt at making them and was wondering if you had any advice on how to better mask the taste of the cannabis. I used fruit juice and a jello packet and still had an overwhelming taste of the marijuana. I feel like like the simplicity of the ingredients makes it hard to mask the taste in gummies as opposed to making baked flour treats where the taste is almost imperceptible. Thanks for inspiring all the creative cannabis foodies out there!

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