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So I thought today i’d show you guys how to make edibles the easiest way that i’ve found! 😛

All you need is the easy butter maker, butter, water, olive oil, and herb!!!

I’m not someone who really enjoys edibles, because they usually have little to no effect on me.. When you make your own, it’s a different story! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE EASY EDIBLES!!

  1. I’ve actually just ate straight herb and have gotten damn good buzzes off
    of it many times. Just took about a gram and chewed it up and swallowed it
    down with water. In about an hour I’ve gotten intense good body highs that
    last a long time. I know everyone says to heat it up and mix it with butter
    but this works in a pinch.

  2. My parents [1988] asked for a peice of Mujahideen hash for Christmas to
    make a plate of brownies with.. they were given it [from Afghanistan] and
    were warned not to put too much in.
    Anyway…mum made a tray of brownies with it, and they ate the lot…and
    tripped out very much, so much so they didn’t like it.
    Mum said climbing the stairs was like walking up Everest, and her
    perceptions were distorted.
    Dad said he heard rushing water, and dripping… sadly it put them off so
    much they never repeated it.
    They ate the lot of the hash they’d been given, mum said ”but it only
    looked a little bit”… cooking terms, I suppose it looked ”small”.
    I wasn’t there at the time, but it went down in family history as a ”not
    to repeat” experience.. they made the classic of eating more and
    more..thinking it wasn’t working…despite even written instructions.

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