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    1. Ginger,
      Yes it will activate the THC in your flower if you follow the steps in my video, “How to make cannabutter using the decaboxylation method.
      As always, ” HAVE A SMOKIN DAY!!”

  1. Hey ik it might sound dumb but do you think i could infuse the weed with butter in a coffee pot? like just keep it heating in the coffee pot? the water doesnt boil but it is around medium-or right below medium heat.

    1. Alex, if you don’t have the flower to experiment with this method don’t bother doing it. Yes decarb your flower first. if you are un-sure of how to do that, then please refer to my video, “making cannabutter using decarboxylation. I wouldn’t waste my time with the coffee pot. if you don’t have a crock pot follow directions on the video mentioned above.
      As always,” HAVE A SMOKIN DAY!!”

    2. CB PUFFNSTUFF i mean i will try, its not simmering, its not hot enough to, but the steam is emerging from the water. someone recommend me to decarb then try it out. im not sure.

    3. that’s a good question Alex. I really don’t think that will work bud. you need to keep it at a low simmer for a duration of time. If you end up doing your extraction that way, let me know how it turns out.
      As always, “HAVE A SMOKIN DAY!!”

    1. Alan. May I call you Alan? I could probably do a poor mans dab rig video… I will see what I can work up brother!

    2. Thank you Mr. Heights, I appreciate your constant comments. Stay tuned for the dabs video…
      As always “HAVE A SMOKIN DAY!!”

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