How To Make Cannabutter (Guide & Recipe)

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Welcome to Lexs World! How do you cook Cannabutter also known as budder? Whats the recipe? What’s the ratio of butter to weed? Today I’m going to show it all to you in a step-by-step guide….by the time you finish this instructional video, you will be able to do it too. There are MANY different ways of doing this. This is just the way I personally deem reasonably fast, easy and produces good results.

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Ingredients: Deep Tupperware container, rubber bands, cheesecloth, cooking pot, ground up Cannabis without stems, real unsalted butter.

Directions: Fill a small pot of water with enough water for it to fill the bottom 2 inches of the cooking pot. Set heat to high and boil the water. Turn heat down to medium and put in 1 stick of butter (125 g or half cup) for every quarter ounce of weed you plan on using. Allow 5 minutes for butter to melt. Turn heat down to low and put in Marijuana; stir frequently for 45 min-1 hour until liquid begins to take on a glossy, shiny texture. Cover Tupperware container with cheesecloth, secure with elastic bands….pour butter/water mixture through cheesecloth. Let cool 3 minutes. Take cheesecloth and squeeze any remaining butter out into the container. Place container in fridge overnight. In the morning, poke a hole in the butter along the side, then squeeze the Tupperware container until the water drains out. And voila! You have isolated the Cannabutter! Put into your favorite recipe!

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  1. Glad you all enjoyed this oldie but goodie! Make sure to subscribe, since I have countless others like it! And for those wondering; yes, you can do a “pre” decarboxylation (heating of the buds) prior to going through the actual recipe for extra efficiency…that’s how Pro edibles manufactures do it…. but I find most casual users don’t need to bother with this extra heating; what’s in the recipe is plenty. No need to spend more time to pull an extra 5-10% out. I’ve run this many times and have had people borderline green-out on modest amounts of baked goods from this recipe, sooo yeah.

  2. Just wondering why nothing happened the first 30-40 seconds..?

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