How to Make Cannabutter (Cannabis Infused Butter) Marijuana Tips & Tricks: Cannabasics #2

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A lot of great marijuana recipes start with basic canna-butter. It’s pretty easy to do and if done properly you can infuse a potent and tasty butter oil for making cannabis edibles.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Cannabutter (Cannabis Infused Butter) Marijuana Tips & Tricks: Cannabasics #2

  1. I used 0,5 Oz of dried cannabis flowers and 340gm of butter. I have to say
    that I DIDN’T know that the effects of eating edibles start to kick in 40
    minutes or more, so I made brownies with this recipe. I ate like 4 brownies
    thinking that this recipe went completely wrong (because i wasn’t high
    minutes before the first bite, so i ate without stoping) but then I was so
    baked i couldn’t stand up… I ate the brownies THREE days ago and i’m
    still feeling weird, like heavy and feeling my body REALLY anesthetized.
    This recipe is strong as F**k, don’t underestimate edibles. Really good
    video man

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