How to Make Cannabis Pain Relief Topical Application: Cannabasics #14

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Welcome to Cannabasics, today we are making a Cannabis infused pain relief topical. This is intended only as an external skin application and is poisonous if ingested, do not use this method to get high.


For the full written instructions, quantities and links to some of the ingredients check out the Cannabasics Blog for free here:

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13 thoughts on “How to Make Cannabis Pain Relief Topical Application: Cannabasics #14

    1. Lol, I hear ya, Devil’s Trumpet, probably THE WORST trip anyone who ever
      tries has ever had, but still recently recognized by even the FDA for it’
      medicinal properties. But it can blind and/or kill you and will most likely
      at least make you very sick and delusional if you eat it, so don’t eat it.
      Topical use only.

  1. as a grower and vendor under prop 215 videos like this help me out with
    cool products to make after I harvest DONT STOP keep these how to videos

    1. Wtf that’s crazy. What smell triggers it? Like stuff that smells like the
      tea? And it was a regular dose? Like what ppl normally take or you ‘upped
      it’ to be cool? How would you rate it on a scale of weed to benadryl?

    2. +massively miniscule don’t try it, it was the worst experience in my life.
      If i didn’t had massively throwed up the day I drank the tea I would
      probably had died. the effects stayed for 6 months after by flashbacks.
      nowadays I can’t even smell without wanting to throw up

    3. I have and will not try it. It is the MOST negatively reviewed hallucinogen
      with almost everyone who does it having a bad experience and never try it
      again. It’s really not worth it, get some mescalin or mushrooms

    4. +RuffHouse Studios thanks for the quick and informative reply. that’s crazy
      tho I wouldve never thought you could use datura like this. As far as
      ingestion goes tho…I CAN take it safely tho right? I thought ppl trip on
      datura just a little? I know it’s poisonous but it’s also in the deleriant
      class of drugs. CAN it be used safely? have you tried it?

  2. RuffHouse Studios: I realize its not an exact science, but what do you
    think is a practical shelf life for a product like this? Assuming it is
    stored in a sealed jar in a dark location.

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