How To Make Cannabis Infused Olive Oil (Marijuana Cooking Oil): Cannabasics #38

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Olive oil is one of the most effective oils in to infuse THC and also one of the most versatile cooking oils for recipes. Cannabis infused olive could be a staple in any marijuana edible fans repertoire. So let’s get started here is what you need to make a basic, everyday strength, weed infused olive oil.

Cannabis (28 grams flower or 56 grams shake/ trim)
Olive Oil (750 mL)
Sunflower or Soy Lecithin (Optional)

Canning Jar and Saucepan of Boiling Water
Herbal Infuser Machine (Mighty Fast Recommended)
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Grind, manicure and then decarboxylate the cannabis for 25 minutes at 250 ° F ( 111° C)
Combine the activated cannabis, olive oil and optionally the lecithin powder into either the herbal infuser machine or into a quart canning jar.
Infuse, stirring often for 1 ½ hours.
Strain the cooled infused oil through a fine mesh strainer and/ or several layers of cheesecloth.
Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Cannabis Infused Olive Oil (Marijuana Cooking Oil): Cannabasics #38

  1. Scrolled down didn’t see this asked – why not coconut oil? Olive oil only has like 13% fat to which thc clings doesn’t it? (still new to this); also why do some methods say boil and others say simmer? Thanks

  2. I’ve been looking for ways to medicate without smoking as my bronchi can’t handle it anymore. I made this recipe yesterday using the glass jar method , 12 grams of marmalate flower I grew, and 3/4 cup of quality olive oil.
    The finished oil is a beautiful clear golden colour which almost looks like liquid shatter. I directly ingested 1 tsp with some bread and cheese at 4pm yesterday. By 5pm it was kicking in and I had a very smooth and fairly powerful yet functional and highly enjoyable evening and sleep. no shitty comedown or headband effect. That dose was a little heavy, but wow, there are a lot of doses just from 1/2 batch. Far far more than from smoking j’s or even vaping.
    Very glad I found your channel. I used my coffee grinder to bust up the flowers. just a couple or so pulses so that there are as few fines as possible – I was aiming for pieces larger than the mesh on a common fine screen steel strainer. After de-carbing in the oven, I put the flowers back into the strainer , covered with some foil and shook it back and forth over a bowl to catch any fines that can be used in other ways.
    I infused for 1.5 hours in the water bath pretty much as you do. I have a handheld infrared thermometer (fairly inexpensive on ebay-so many uses around the house), and kept the water at about 190F and the oil inside was steady at about 180F.
    Lastly I poured the oil flower mixture into the strainer which was sitting on top of a funnel with a coffee filter that was sitting inside 500ml mason jar. Just let it stand and do its work. Don’t press the flower pieces to miser out the last possible drop , and you end up with fantastic pristine clear golden oil.
    I’m going to be dosing with a few drops in the back of the mouth for daytime functional from now on. There is easily weeks of medicine from that one small batch.
    Thanks very much.

  3. Ive been here since about 35-40k subs and I still love every video and the editing, the voiceover and the visuals, you guys have always been one step ahead of all cannabis related channels imo, you just get better and better!<3 Maybe next step could be to invest in some camera stabilisation just to make that flawless crystal clear footage;) the sweeping and panning is perfect!

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