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23 thoughts on “How to make cannabis gummies

    1. You’re welcome. I used Everclear the first time and instantly thought of
      flavored vodka so I switched to vodka and I gave it two extra days in the
      freezer. I don’t know if it’s necessary, it was the way I was taught.

    2. +BeegMonkay omg thank you, just made a tincture using ever clear, but i
      will try a flavored vodka next time

    1. +MrSorrowX3 to decarboxylate any concentrate, buds, flower or shake, you
      can use the same method, yes. 🙂

    2. +MrSorrowX3 the first step is to obtain a cannabis concentrate. Both wax &
      kief are different forms of cannabis concentrate. Like BHO, Co2, Qwiso,
      shatter, errl, etc, they’re all just different forms of hash, a cannabis
      concentrate. Next, decarboxylate the concentrate in the oven, lastly, add
      it to the gummy mixture, stir well & pour into molds for cooling.

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