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If you live in constant pain (or anxiety) medical marijuana may be your only path back to better health and happiness… Learn how to make marijuana edibles and chances are you’ve found your golden ticket to LONG-LASTING RELIEF!

These HEALTHFUL recipes have been around for AGES and I’d like to make SURE good information doesn’t get lost in the passage of time. So PLEASE share this information with your friends because we ALL (each and every one of us) have a right to better NON-TOXIC MEDICINE in order to keep ourselves healthy! We MUST learn to look out for each other…and this is my small way of doing that 🙂

Please enjoy and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE… I hope you all feel better very soon!

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15 thoughts on “How To Make CANNA-OIL: Healthy MEDICAL MARIJUANA INFUSED COOKING OIL~Easy Recipe!

  1. i have tried many times and found 10 hrs on low heat ,barly bubbling to
    distill it. i use my trim leaf at 1 part oil to 1 pt trim . After 10 hrs I
    activate it by turn ing up the heat to med for 30 mins, it will
    start smoking at this point . cool and run thru cheese cloth, i found 1/2
    tsp to work well for bodily pains .. much better then edibles in my

    1. +MonaLisaLuvsMaryJane great video on making green monster, do you know how
      to make infused sugar with it by any chance? id like to see your method of
      doing something like that there are a couple of vids on here on how to do
      that, but it never hurts to see more methods you know.

    2. +Shadow Graszak A crock pot usually doesn’t get more than 225 degrees at
      most, so keep it on low and you should be golden… the ratio of bud and
      trim depends entirely upon the malady you’re trying to treat, and you cook
      it like I show you; until it no longer floats or clouds the cooking oil
      when stirred. Easy as that!

    1. Would that hold the same potential as an extraction done with Alcohol would
      you say? My mum recently got diagnosed with CIN3 abnormal cells so I’m
      looking for the best/easiest method to make the oil to give her to help

    2. +caleblich2 Actually I prefer an oil/butter combination cooked via the
      cannabutter method (using water). If you know what you’re doing you can
      custom cook to your malady in addressing specific issue(s). And this is
      what I hope to show you soon.

    3. Thankyou very much for that response, looks like I’ll have to make a choice
      then 😛 what I’ll be making will be used for medical purposes, so would you
      say an extraction WITH alcohol would be best ? cheers 🙂

    4. +caleblich2 No. So I want people to think about why alcohol extraction
      methods (or infusions) were first introduced into practice… I want you to
      know that it wasn’t because alcohol somehow better captures the plant’s
      medicinal profile. It’s simply quicker (and easier) to customize and keep
      sterile during process and storage. It makes it MUCH easier to manipulate
      for the sake of taste, dosing, and commercial packaging, etc. Hope that
      helps! 🙂

    1. Wesipe wooks! Health care professionals say a good nights rest is important
      to our well being. I was using dicopanol for sleep best I was getting was 3
      – 1/2 hr’s sleep canna cake one hr before bed average sleep between 5 – 7
      Hr’s. Thank you.

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