How to Bake Cannabis Infused White Chocolate Green Tea Cookies

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Défoncé infuses the newest season of The Smoking Pot. In this episode, find out how tea and THC combine to make a therapeutic impact with White Chocolate Green Tea Cookies.
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Green tea and cannabis are both medicinal botanicals with cultural histories spanning the globe for many centuries, but modern science has discovered another connection. In 2010, the Phytomedicine journal published a clinical study with a title that says it all: “Tea catechins’ affinity for human cannabinoid receptors.” That’s right, the compound catechin in green tea binds to the same cannabinoid receptor (CB1) as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which likely contributes to green tea’s “anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective activities.” Both botanicals are also fragrant, and what better way to double down on flavor and therapeutic impact than by combining them in white chocolate green tea cookies made with Défoncé artisan chocolate.

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