Ganga Garlic Bread – Quick and Easy Marijuana Food Ideas!

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Originally uploaded 2012 or so.

In case you get sick of too many ganga cookies and brownies like I do, here’s another quick and easy ganga food recipe. I set this to “Easy Does It”, performed by the recently deceased Max Hartstein who I knew as an ‘end the drug war’ activist along with his 21st Century Ensemble. Thx for all the fun Max.

I’m the reason that Steve Bergdall, Joe Lisinicchia, and Max Hartstein play together although they turned their back on the reason I brought them together, stole my show, never gave me a part in their show, and then the icing on the cake was after all this, it was difficult at best to get this music piece added to this video. Chris and Steve are the typical friends of mine who take advantage of my weed activism, show, etc. but made it so Max ended up dead with his daughter still spun on the cocaine habit that Max helped her obtain.

Most of Max’s estate will be lost to history. But I suppose he did it to himself by betraying me. But he found the right people to betray me with. (As in the kind that allow for drug wars to ruin lives. Typical Christians.)

It’s weird I spent maybe 500 hours putting shows together with these guys on it, that will be famous through out time. What I got in return is being taken advantage of, betrayed, and let down. But this is how Christians roll.

Trust me.

Please feel free to watch the original video that went with the audio, as this is the dude whom I’ve done a lot of video editing for, that never did a squab of it for me. Typical of most of the ‘friends’ I have from Bloomington. Coward nazis that don’t do shit for humanity but allow the Jewdeo-Christian ‘drug war’ to destroy a whole planet.

But maybe that’s not just Bloomington and Freedom indiana, maybe that’s the whole world? So there’s the positive note!

It’s because I work to ‘end the drug war’ and they don’t have the courage to help out on that. Worse than that they are the ‘Christians’ that are the ‘apathy, willful ignorance, and lies’ that can keep the drug war going for 5 milenea.

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10 thoughts on “Ganga Garlic Bread – Quick and Easy Marijuana Food Ideas!

  1. How do you make the butter? I have a few bags of trimming with lots of THC
    on them. Did you buy that as is or did you make it?

    1. +This Guy I don’t. They are pretty deluxe. Need a good lighter to. Butane.
      I actually use a blazer from Amazon. Works pretty champion.

    2. Haha no doubt. But i hear cannabis OIL cures
      cancer, even terminal cancer, so that is always a possibility if i get
      cancer. But ye butter sounds delicious. I want that Vaporgenie you have.
      Just gotta save up 110 dollars. Do you know anywhere that i can buy that
      exact one for cheaper than 110?

    3. +This Guy​ oil. Yuck. Vapors and betty Crocker chocolate chip oatmeal ganga
      cookies will get you crunk!??

    4. Sweet, I am going to try it today. That is mad easy
      to do. A lot easier to make than oil.

  2. Subbed ya man… Funny shit there. Can’t wait to try the recipe. Man, that
    bass player is good.. Wonder if he’s local.

    1. Much appreciated. Weird story on Max Hartstein. He played with the best.

      I was living in Portland. I wanted to make the perfect flier about the
      drug war. I find Max Hartstein’s book cover.

      Two years later, I’m interviewing him on local cable access in Bloomington,
      Indiana. I’ll be uploading more about Max. His book ‘Drug War: The Worst
      Addiction of All’, helped me make it through a very difficult period of

      Sadly Max was a part of a business that I don’t really approve of, but was
      a part of then jazz scene. Not that he wasn’t a bass player in his own

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