Easy Chocolate Chip Canna Cookies

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I am a legal medical marijuana
User! My Husband is my legal
designated grower!
These videos are meant
to educate and celebrate.
Not to encourage illegal activities
we do not advocate the use of recreational
marijuana in people under the age
of 19!

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7 thoughts on “Easy Chocolate Chip Canna Cookies

  1. When we get it approved here, will have to do this, but will have to make several batches with plain butter for hubby or he will be in bed forever…LOL PS…They voted it in here in MO (Medical) but not sure when it is going active yet. Just to let you know.

  2. did this exact thing last week. Only thing different I did is use 1/3 of a cup of cannabutter(your recipe) ate a half a cookie about an hour ago and I’m high as giraffe nuts. Idk how you do it. Lmao writing this for the whole length of the video.

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