Durban Poison Strain Review – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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We review Durban Poison for this Strain Review by Cannabis Lifestyle TV. We didn’t have the pleasure to see this one grown in person so we decided to mainly cover the consumer side. Hope you enjoy!

If you have any experience growing Durban Poison, drop your 2 cents in the comments so the community can decide if this ones worth ordering.

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20 thoughts on “Durban Poison Strain Review – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. Growing this outside right now… It got damaged pretty bad because of some
    It does not seem to mind as it is growing like crazy, my scrognet is
    getting too small!!

    1. +YellowBlue RC well we’ll test it out soon and review it so you can see if
      it’s something you’d find useful or not

    2. +Cannabis Lifestyle TV Ill check it out…
      I have something similar, but i think it is not good enough for next year.

    3. +YellowBlue RC check out, these guys were at the Cannabis
      Cup recently. We’re gonna test the product out ourselves, but from the
      looks of it the product will protect your plants while allowing light and
      air in

  2. Good review. I get more lemon and licorice tones but everyone’s taste buds
    are different. Up here in CO its all over.

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