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8 thoughts on “Deep fried bud dank marijuana pot marijuana medicinal recipes

  1. Changing my name To Dan Co. Yes !!!! This is meant to Be Dan Covaci is Now
    DanCo,….. copy write singing auto graphs this Sunday under
    the St Johns Bridge… Look for a van down by the river… That’s me,

  2. Dude, You are the Best friend a guy could have. I hope all our viewers
    understand that I am the Super Genius of this Video although this Video was
    your wife’s idea but she is real smart too. Maybe a little smarter than me
    but this is all about helping the people like us that need meds that don’t
    kill us. I love you too Mary, give a shout out for the coolest wife of a
    best friend who filmed this and a whole lot more.

  3. Just wait for more INCREDIBLE New Danky Adventures from the TWO Best
    Friends in the Whole Wide Danky World. Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife,
    Things is gunna get a whoe lot DANKIER this Harvest ha ha… Is that a
    word….. Add DANKIER to Wikipedia for me my peeps. and just for the record
    that was Hemp “SEED” oil not “Hemp Oil” That is one of the things we intend
    on covering and ingesting on a Video Near You. This is going to get CRAZY
    Believe me when people find out what Hemp Oil is.

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