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8 thoughts on “Decarbing Your Marijuana with Shanel Lindsay of Ardent Cannabis

    1. Cannabis.Net this is not a Magical Butter product. They did not put this out. But it would certainly work well with a Magical Butter Machine. And the nova is a way to decarb to the highest. Also it infuses so perhaps do some more research on their site.

    2. hothmandon The only $210. It’s not ridiculous because it bumps up your THC level to 70% higher. It’s also able to infuse small batches. Before you downgrade a product do yourself a favor and learn more before you take a cheap shot at a product

    3. Magic Butter guys just put one out this year that is much cheaper, check that one out. Not sure on the quality and such…

  1. I was so excited to receive this. It quit working after two tries. I bought mine from Newegg. That was a mistake. It was sold by a third-party seller, and they will not refund or replace it. This company has serious quality control issues. Over 80% of the units do not work. Don’t waste your money! I really wish it had worked… 🙁 It works great for the two times I use it. But that was kind of expensive for over two hundred dollars…

    1. Eliana Selzer It’s not Ardents fault that you bought a machine from an unreliable third and not the creators. Your review is not a review at all. Your money would be better spent on getting it from the source in the first place. But telling people to not waste their money when all of us are having such success with this, simply because you did not buy from the correct source, is just not fair. You’re not doing anybody a service, not even yourself. For those serious about the machine: The Nova Lift works fantastic and it even infuses. Go to the site and learn more.

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