Cooking With Weed – How To Make Cannabis Cooking Oil – Part 3

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Marijuana infused cooking oil is easy to make and is low in saturated fats, making it excellent for the health conscious. Marijuana cooking oil can turn your favorite meals or snacks into a potent marijuana medicine. This is the final video of the 3 that shows you how to make your very own cannabis cooking oil.

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6 thoughts on “Cooking With Weed – How To Make Cannabis Cooking Oil – Part 3

  1. I’d like to know about the temp it should be cooked at, amongst other
    things… Don’t we want to make sure that the temp inside the brownies
    doesn’t go over a certain point? Wont a certain amount of heat destroy

    Heck, will it still vaporize at a certain temp? I can’t help but wonder
    how such factors and laws have changed now that THC is bonded to fat.

    Does the type of oil and its smoke point become a factor? Should I not use
    grade seed oil with a high smoke point, even if I do keep the temp below
    320, or whatever it is that it should be for THC not to be destroyed? I
    bet how long the THC in the brownies will last also depends on the temp.

    Regardless, the brownies called for a certain temp, so that’s what he did,
    but seriously, someone needs to figure out these things, so what’s up?
    Anybody? Anybody?

  2. hey do u think putting a lid on it would be a good idea and is that how
    much 10 grams normally looks

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