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Trey shows us how to make Cannabis Infused Puppy Chow in just a few short steps. Follow this Puppy Chow recipe and you’re sure to have a deliciously dank treat in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this recipe:

+ Corn and Rice Cereal Squares ( 9 Cups)
+ Peanut butter (1/2 Cup)
+ Medicated Coconut Oil or Cannabutter (1/2 Cup)
+ Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (1 Cup)
+ Confectioners Sugar or Powdered Sugar (1 1/2 Cups)

+ Large Pan

+ 1 Gal. Ziplock Bag

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10 thoughts on “Cannabis Infused Puppy Chow Recipe – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

    1. Thank you. I was thinking of making the brownies from your other video, but
      these look super good so now i’m undecided haha

    2. +Jeff Kadrlik-Torr it depends on your tolerance. I can chow down on these a
      and have a nice, mellow buzz. But others can eat a small handful and be
      ready for bed lol. Start small, chill, then eat more if you feel it’s
      necessary for you

    1. +ThachosenJuan21 props for staying strong and pushing forward man, I can
      imagine it’s been tough for ya.

      I would get in touch with a local medical marijuana consulting company.
      Google, “Your city, state medical marijuana doctors”.
      You should find a few options, they’ll have consultants in house that will
      answer the questions you have and help get you licensed. Most of these
      organizations will also be able to connect you with a caregiver or a “safe
      transfer point” aka a half assed dispensary. It might take time for your
      area to develop a solid foundation for the new cannabis laws, but I can
      guarantee that there’s already people there available to help as we speak.
      Hope that info is helpful for ya man, best of luck!

    2. Cannabis Lifestyle TV I was diagnosed with Osteogenisis Imperfect type 4 a
      form of brittle bone disease. I was treated with from kindergarten till I
      turned 18, but with this disease I’ll always experience joint/bone pain. My
      state just legalized medical Marijuana, so I feel that would be a great
      option for myself being pain killers never went over well with me. Curious
      what it would take for my to get the ball rolling, or how I should go about
      this being I’m sure many doctors are biased with this new practice.

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