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We’re back on YouTube!

For this video, the homie Trey puts Cali Kush vs Kimbo Kush to see which strain is the better kush.

We were gifted this herb by a local growmie, so we don’t have much to share in regards to growing traits, but we know Kimbo Kush is bred by Exotic Genetix, so she’s definitely one worth growing.

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17 thoughts on “Cali Kush + Kimbo Kush Strain Reviews | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. Cannabis Lifestyle TV check your msg in facebook i need to talk you about genetics check the msg (i can say here because later all the people who see this post they gone smash my balls with sily questions and lies so to piti them and send them free seeds (i really wonder what IQ HAVE THIS GUYS ) NEVER MIND CHECK THE MSG IN THE FACE BOOK PAGE WHEN YOU SEE MSG FROM NEOFITOS M……….. REED IT IS ME

  2. California GROWERS ARE VERY GOOD ON OG TYPE STRAINS REASON IS THEY FOCUS MANY YEARS TO PERFECTED THIS STRAIN but weed is only hype they have og strains only pfffff someone must tell them there are many many strains not only og types and the fun is they say they have the best strains in the world but when you ask them how they keep the genetics alive they tell you is from Holland because many people wand to keep alive those genetics and send them to Holland at 80s!!!! SOOO WHAT GENETICS YOU THINK YOU HAVE WE HAD THEM FROM 80S!!!!!!!! SOO SIMPLE AND DON’T HEAR BULLSHIT ABOUT CALI OR NEW YORK ETC HAVE THE BEST WEED LEARN HISTORY ABOUT GENETICS AND YOU GONE SEE ALL THE GENETICS YOU HAVE IN USA ARE FROM EUROPE AND THAT IS A FACT AND THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO PROVE IT
    ps: the best weed in the world is the weed you like and love no matter if is from seed-bank or some grateful dead contest that found 8 seeds and later the rename it chemdog

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