WIAP: How to Make Cannabis Tincture

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A quick guide for how to make cannabis tincture, which is the same as a cannabis infused alcohol except for this recipe we’ll be making it much stronger as it is meant to be consumed in smaller doses.

Here is a more in-depth guide for how to decarboxylate cannabis –

Items I Talked About In This Video:

Cooking Thermometer:
Sou Vide Cooker:
Tincture Bottles:
Cheese Cloth:

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8 thoughts on “WIAP: How to Make Cannabis Tincture

  1. If you want a cannabis-infused cocktail, this is actually the way to go, not cannabis-infused spirits. Just make cannabis infused cocktail bitters by including cannabis in a recipe for bitters. Using this in a cocktail will give you the same high a cannabis-infused spirit would, but with greater flexibility since the cocktail bitters will have a much more subtle cannabis flavor. And you can get thc into cocktails using premium spirits that you would never infuse cannabis into. Like I’m not about to ruin an expensive bottle of scotch to make a rob roy that gets me high, you know?

  2. Why does everyone throw away the weed that still has THC? Why not Blend the final tincture with the pulp in a MAGIC BULLET to purify and use everything. I can blend the weed to powder in the magic bullet. I dont mind the blend. Seems like a waste of weed not all the THC is gone?

  3. Hey weed in a pot A bottle of bacardi 151 in my country cost about $90 a 750ml bottle , Any cheaper brands to use man?

    1. it’s not about the brand, just the alcohol content, you’re. And as long as it’s not made out of isopropyl alcohol, that stuff will seriously harm you when consumed.

      The higher the proof, the higher the price. In NW-Europe, Bacardi 151 goes for about US$50 per bottle, other brands with comparable proof cost around the same.

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