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We just wanted to take the time to thank all of you who support Cannabis Lifestyle TV and the whole Cannabis movement in general. We’re proud to reach 1 Million views, and even more proud to be able to have gotten those views from an awesome community of people from all over the world. You guys literally are what keeps us producing content, so we just want to say THANK YOU!

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*All of our content is for people 18+ living in states with legal recreational and/or medical Marijuana.

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12 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Support! – 1 MILLION VIEWS – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

    1. +Mighty Fast we’re going to make a Facebook group for the community. We’ll
      make a video this month with details.

      – Rob

      Ps. Trey will see this too, he’s just tied up at the moment

  1. Congratulations! I watch faithfully, and now I started making my own
    cannabis infused salves, body/massage oils, and creams! Thanks for the
    motivation and keep up the good work! Yes!

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