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7 thoughts on “Marijuana Butter Recipe by Sweet Baby Ruth

  1. So I made this recipe a few days ago, and today I finally made Brownies and
    Candies…I havnt tried the brownies yet, but I had a few tastes of the
    brownie mix from the bowl, and then ate one of the small peanut
    clusters..and I am pretty blown at the moment! Snuck right up on me in
    about 1 hour…Started cooking at 10:15pm Blown away at 11:18pm…Excited
    for this weekend family reunion! My whole famliy is definitly gonna love
    it! 🙂 I f your trying to find a good recipe SEARCH NO MORE!! hahha 😀

  2. She musta at even high when she thought of this idea. “let’s see…. Let me
    spend 800$ on weed, grind it , melt some butter and mix them together. No I
    have 805$ butter” haha. ??

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