How To Make Marijuana Milk (Cannabis Infused Cream): Cannabasics #40

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Learn How To Make Marijuana Milk or Cannabis Infused Cream in Cannabasics Episode #40. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: “CANNABASICS”:

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This is a simple method of making weed milk that you can put in your coffee or tea, add to your morning cereal or use to make any number of cannabis infused recipes.

Nubivagant Hip Hop Culture:

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Marijuana Milk (Cannabis Infused Cream): Cannabasics #40

  1. These videos are GREAT!! Looking into Cannibis recipes with the upcoming legalization in Canada. Love your videos.

  2. hey matt – when decarbing, can you line the cookie sheet with parchment paper instead of foil? seems like it would be easier to roll up and pour or brush the herbs into the double boiler.

  3. Would hemp milk be better? I read that the more fat there is, the better. I looked it up, and hemp milk has twice the fat for less than half the amount of (whole) milk (whole- serving is 240g/1 cup with 2.4g of [total] fat, compared to hemp- 100g with 5g of fat [(vanilla Silk) almond milk has 2.5g for 1 cup].

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