How to label marijuana THC cannabis edibles using edible ink transfer sheets

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This video shows the InkEdibles magnetic mold model IE-9002 () combined with edible ink transfer sheets ().

The edible ink transfer sheets are essentially food grade plastic that has been printed to in a proprietary method with the THC logo in edible ink. Once you insert the transfer sheet into the magnetic mold, you can then pour your tempered chocolate, caramel, candy etc. into the mold, once it cools down (or after you refrigerate it), you can then remove the magnetic bottom from the mold, pull away the transfer sheet, and your edible ink “THC” labels have been transferred to your chocolate / candy / caramel etc and are compliant with THC labeling requirements.

InkEdibles offers the preprinted edible labels with the “THC” symbol and also the “THCM” symbol.

All States continue to tighten their Packaging and Labeling Requirements and Regulations for Retail Marijuana for Consumer Protection and Child Safety purposes. All retail marijuana stores need to not only pay attention to their State’s requirements, they should stay ahead of the curve to provide consumer and child safety and protection from unwanted side effects and unwanted ingestion in all ways possible, including in situations where disposable packaging is discarded. Labeling Cannabis edibles directly with food-grade edible labels is a smart way to provide consumer and child safety warnings in a way that ensures that the labeling is visible even after the product is unwrapped. Edible Labels can be placed directly onto cannabis cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes or other marijuana edibles, and is also an opportunity to brand your product by customizing such labels with logos and company information.

Including edible labeling on your Cannabis edibles not only serves the purpose of conveying direct-on-product important and regulated information, it also potentially lowers your legal liabilities because the information stays on the product even after it is unwrapped (think about a scenario whereby a Cannabis edible is unwrapped, and left out of its packaging and someone eats it not knowing that it has Cannabis. If the relevant information is directly ON the food, such as through the use of an edible label that is attached to the food, that food product is potentially more likely to be identified as a Cannabis product versus if the relevant information was only on the disposable packaging that in the above example was already disposed of).

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