Cooking With Weed – Cooking Marijuana Bacon

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In this episode, Watermelon shows us how to cook a dairy-free and gluten-free Marijuana bacon! This is an easy recipe anyone can prepare for cocktail parties. Keep your guests awake with this delicious weed bacon recipe!

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5 thoughts on “Cooking With Weed – Cooking Marijuana Bacon

  1. Love your videos. Everything in your kitchen is neat and in its right
    place; the cloth with a watermelon sitting gently on the oven’s handle, the
    nonchalent passing of Sir Jazzpurr, the scooping of budd oil with the brown
    bread.. All would be empty without; your presence noticed soon you appear,
    hair and make up perfect, your smile, your voice with its slight frailty,
    your gracious, perfectly nail polished, yet efficient and fast working
    hands.. Gentleman knows a Super Lady..tells her marry me !

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