Cannabis Olive Oil Recipe by Doctor Diane

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Doctor Diane shows you how to make an infused olive oil with marijuana leaf. This oil is perfect for baking edible treats for medicinal use. Warren Sanford co-hosts.

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6 thoughts on “Cannabis Olive Oil Recipe by Doctor Diane

  1. I’ve seen others use just oil instead of water and oil. Isn’t just the oil
    itself enough to keep it from burning?

  2. I’ve read you can just simmer it for 1-2 hours without water without
    boiling the oil and if you add cinnamon and/or cassia it opens up the pores
    for better absorbtion through the skin.

  3. What temperature is the safest to not destroy any compounds or profiles
    such as the CBD profile etc?

  4. Please be my Doctor and grandma all at once, we can sail the seas together,
    smoke massive joints, laugh and eat the best damn cookies around

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